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The story of Mimi - Junior Pole Dance Performer


Mimi Mother Child Pole DancerArticle created by Sophie Eminson.

My name is Kelly James, I am the Mother of Amelia James (Mimi) and here is her story;
I started working for a lady Called Ruth Mills in 2011, Ruth had taken on a huge venture and opened ‘Ruth Mills Therapies’ in Brimpton. Ruth had renovated and opened a hair and beauty salon, dance studio and therapy center all under one roof – I joined as her hairdresser and took over working in the salon for her.

Mimi (who was 6 at the time) had been dancing since she was 2 years old, from the minute she could walk she was dancing!

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PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor Ciro Esposito.

Ciro Esposito Pole Dancing Instructor
We welcome Ciro Esposito from Pole Dance Campania to the PDC and we share his story about his passion for pole dance.

I would like to share and show my appreciation on how pole fitness has saved my life. I have been a part of the fitness industry for over 10 years and am in love and overly satisfied with the discipline.  But, all of a sudden, it started to become a great burden on me, because I saw people not interested, lazy;

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Lucille Marshall Achieves PDC Approved 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Status.

Lucille Marshall Pole DancerLucille Marshall is the principal instructor at Body Synergy in Birmingham, UK. Lucille has danced for 22 Years, beginning her training in Leeds from the age of 3 with Gill Caplan A.R.A.D. F.R.S.A.  Lucille trained primarily in Ballet completing all vocational Royal Academy of Dance Ballet examinations and was awarded a 7 year ballet scholarship at the Louise Brown Yorkshire Ballet Scholarship Centre.  Lucille completed her Exercise Science Undergraduate and Dance Science Masters and went on to become a Health Consultant, Lifestyle Manager and Personal Trainer.

Lucille continued her professional dance development in the UK and USA and went on to perform professionally with several dance companies before venturing into pole dancing fitness.

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Official 18th January 2016

New PDC Syllabus

2016 sees an updated and improved syllabus with new moves added and some old moves removed or changed in level.  The syllabus has been mostly re-filmed and displays in higher resolution.

The new PDC syllabus 'Core Moves' is now the official reference point for all PDC Gradings and competitions.

Please make sure when you submit a grading that you reference the new 'Core Moves' syllabus and not the older versions.

As always, you can view the PDC Syllabus for free online or buy the book, interactive DVD-ROM or PDF (eBook) file.


New for 2016, the Core Moves PDF (eBook) file is now printable click here!


United Kingdom Professional Pole Championships - What a day!!!

Article written by PDC Features writer Sophie Eminson.

When Annalisa Muresu got through to UKPPC, she didn't hesitate for a second before inviting me and her pole dancing Facebook friends all for a wonderful road trip to the show! We booked the tickets together, planned our journey and got very excited when they announced the guest performers!

UKPPC Elite Winner Charlotte Robertson pictured below.
United Kingdom Professional Pole Championships Charlotte RobertsonThe line-up:
Guest performers: Mimi, Vane Lunatica and Bendy Kate

Alana White
Anna Louise
Ayesha Agogo
Chelsy Vaney
Cheryl Teagan
Claire Cotterill
Laura Boyden
Vania Noble

Annalisa Muresu
Catherine Meadley
Chloe Anderson
Kassia Portas
Katherine White
Marcin Miller

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Inter-University Pole Dancing Competition 2016.

Inter University Pole Dance Competition Warwick

For the second consecutive year, Warwick Pole Dancing Society is proud to host the UKs biggest University pole dancing competition.  With 20 Universities and as many as 180 competitors taking part, the event showcases some of the best new talent in the pole fitness community.

This year, expect stunning guest performances from professional pole artists and UK champions Jess Leanne Norris, Sam King and Doubles champions, Yvette Dusol & Jade Tinkler.

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PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor Emma Nicholson.

Emma Nicholson Pole Dancing InstructorWelcome to our latest 4 star approved pole instructor Emma Nicholson. Emma is the principal instructor at Studio Boutique in Hull, UK. Emma received three references towards her 4 star application from fellow 4 star instructors Stacey Snedden, Jamie Taylor and Lucy Webster. 

Stacey Snedden said "Emma is a fantastic teacher, she is XPERT certified in Level 1 to 4 and has also under gone the XPERT train the trainer.
Emma has a great knowledge of Pole and embraces all aspects of Pole Fitness and Dance.
I have worked with Emma a few time one more recently when she Judged the first Dance Filthy.
Emma was very professional and you could see from the audience that Emma has a great following. Her studio is gorgeous and she definitely deserves to be a Level 4 PDC instructor. "

Jamie Taylor said "Emma is 100% dedicated to her studio, her own pole development and to her ongoing teacher training. Having passed the Xpert teacher training, and also having regular stretch sessions and workshops with other professionals to add to her teaching skill and repertoire .

Her studio is well maintained and her students are always positive and happy. The Studio Boutique community is a healthy culture to be a part of."

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