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PDC Approved 4 Star Pole dancing Instructor Nicola Ghalmi

Nicola Ghalmi Pole Dancing ProfessionalNicola Ghalmi is the owner and senior instructor at Dance Inspires in Oxford, UK. Nicola has extensive industry experience and she recevied her 4 star references from fellow 4 star instructor Andi Ariseanu and 3 star instructor Natasha Medlin.

Natasha said "Nicola is a very dedicated, hard-working and focused individual who strives to be the very best at what she does, learning new skills/courses to pass onto students as well as developing her own personal goals. She is a patient, caring and motivational teacher who pushes and brings out the best in them.

I have seen just how hard Nicola has worked to get where she is today, the sheer amount of work that goes into her competition entries and her flexibility journey is inspiring. I’ve supported her at the majority of competitions she has entered and seen her come away with some well earned successes and beaming smiles!!

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Top 5 Steps to improving your Flexibility.

Leana Darbyshire Vertical Barre teacher
Article written by PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor Leana Darbyshire.

Increasing your flexibility is down to more than simply stretching out your muscles through static stretches.  Here are my top 5 suggestions for you to try:

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PDC Approved 3 Star Pole Dancing Instructor India Alton.

India Alton Pole Dance InstructorIndia is the principal instructor at Indigo Pole Dance and Fitness Studio located in Beverley, East Yorkshire, UK.  We spoke to India to find out more about her passion for pole:

I began pole dancing five years ago and it’s truly gotten into my blood. Now, when I’m not dancing… I’m thinking about dancing!  I have been hooked from the very start.  Before I started pole dancing I

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What does being a PDC approved 4 star instructor actually mean?

PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor

So what makes someone a 4 star instructor with the Pole Dance Community and what does that accolade mean?


Pasted below is the text that we use on our PDC Approved 4 star instructor page but we also wanted to expand on the 4 star status, what it means and why many instructors deserve this recognition:


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Inspiring Pole Dancers: Vivien Feld

Article written by PDC features writer Sophie Eminson.
Vivien Feld Pole Sports Trainer
started her dance career with Gogo dancing eight years ago and all of a sudden, one day there was a pole in her way at an event she was performing for. She does not remember exactly when she started pole dancing exactly, but she was looking for a dance sport for which she could showcase her gymnastic ability  without a partner, so pole was the perfect fit. She obtained her first instructor certification in 2009.

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Why should pole dancing instructors bother with First Aid Training?

 First Aid Training Pole Dance Studios

This is probably one of the most common questions we get asked in the PDC office.

As a pole dancing instructor you are responsible for providing the safest possible training environment for your students. You already carry insurance and write risk assessments in case of the event of accident or injury.  Undertaking first aid training is simply another part of your due diligence and a minimum professional requirement.


All our PDC Approved and Registered Instructors must hold an up to date first aid training certificate and training must be updated every 2-3 years depending on which country they live in.

Here are some other frequently asked questions:

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UK Pole Dance Day Sunday 1st May 2016

UK Pole Dance Day 2014
What is UK Pole Dance Day and how did it start?

• UK Pole Dance Day is a national, annual event held on 1 May that celebrates and promotes understanding of pole dance as a legitimate art form and form of exercise.
• UKPDD is a non-profit event and participation is open to all.
• Founded in 2009 by the Equity Pole Dancers’ Working Party.
• May Day was chosen as the date to encourage a better understanding of pole dance. Traditional maypole dances form part of the May Day celebrations and UKPDD builds on this great tradition.

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