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Pole Dance Community and United Pole Artists present World Pole Dance Day 2014


World Pole Dance Day

It's the second annual World Pole Dance Day! This day has been officially declared by United Pole Artists (UPA) and Pole Dance Community (PDC). But what is World Pole Dance Day? It's a celebration of what we do, who we are and why we dedicate our lives to pole. Whether you

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PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor Helen Eastwood.


Helen Eastwood Pole Dance teacherMy name is Helen Eastwood.  From an early age my passion to be a dancer was very strong. I started dance classes at 11 years old and had to work very hard to achieve my Grades,   I wasn’t a natural mover nor was I flexible like my fellow class friends.

Eventually the hard work and dedication paid off. By the time I was 18 years old my journey as a professional dancer started.  I performed in many shows in the UK and Spain before coming to Tenerife in 1989.


After finishing several contracts, I decided to take the next step and produce my own Dance Shows making the costumes, choreography, managing the expanding group of dancers, performing and being a mother of 2 small children was all part of my daily life.


I was living my dream.


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Elena Gibson Pole Dancing instructor
Inspiring Pole Dancers - by PDC features writer Sophie Eminson.

Elena Gibson, who has been pole dancing for nearly twenty years now is a very inspiring woman. She began pole dancing every now and then in 1997, when she messed around on some poles in nightclubs where her and her friends went to watch pole dancers perform. She never imagined how big a part of her life it would become.


"Pole dancing makes Elena so happy, and gives her an opportunity to challenge herself to set new goals for training."

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This Girl Can Pole!

How one woman fought for every sport to be included in the national campaign!

This Girl Can Pole Dance
Charlie Foster, 38, is a PDC Approved pole dance instructor from Nottingham who has been a part of the sport for 3 - 4 years now. Pole dancing makes her feel surprised, strong, proud and sometimes frustrated, however the main reason that we are focusing on this inspiring woman is because it makes her feel empowered,

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PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor Claire Cotteril.

Claire Cotterill Pole Dancing instructor
Claire Cotteril is the principal instructor at Body Image in Great Wyrely. Claire has danced since she was 2 years old, she has pole danced since 2006 and has taught pole and street dance since 2007.

About Claire:

"I am a professional and resourceful person and have over 18 years teaching experience, and 32 years’ experience in dance. I am qualified to a level 4 teaching status and I am a NVQ level 2 assessor, I have taught a broad spectrum of clients in many disciplines including people with mental and physical disability.
I have excellent organisational, planning and time management skills and have experience in managing a team of up to 13 staff. I have wrote two teacher training courses with skills active, one in pole fitness and the other in aerial silks, these will also be approved by REPS.

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PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instuctor Jane Cole.


Jane Cole Pole Perfect Fitness
Jane Cole is the owner of Pole Perfect Fitness. Pole Perfect Fitness has been based in Kings Lynn for a number of years and has a good reputation within the pole community. Jane received the following 2 references to support her 4 star instructor application from fellow PDC Approved Instructors Holly Munson and Stacey Snedden:

Holly said  “I wish to recommend Jane Cole of Pole Perfect Fitness to be a PDC Approved (4 Star) Pole Dancing Instructor.  Having messaged Jane beforehand, we first met at her studio while she was hosting a day of workshops with Sarah Scott. Jane’s studio is perfect! Her immaculate studio was an amazing venue to be taught in. It is very spacious with plenty of room between poles - we had a max of 2 per pole as well. There was plenty out of the way storage for our belongings. I hope to have a studio like this one day.

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PDC Approved 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Andi Ariseanu.

Andi Ariseanu Pole Fitness teacherAndi Ariseanu is the principal instructor at Active Cherry in Eastbourne, UK. Andi ActiveCherry has been doing pole and aerial since 2007. She judged her first competition in 2011 and has since been lucky enough to be invited to judge many more,  including being head judge at Miss Pole Dance UK Semi Pro's, Doubles and Amateurs, and on the judges table at IPAAT,(formerly known as EPDC) and the Intercontinental Championships.

In 2015 Andi won the Kent Pole Championships in the professional category.

Andi has a collection of weird and wonderful aerial equipment which she is happy to use for performances including her crescent moon, spiral, aerial pole and prism.

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