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The 2016 PDC Syllabus - Core Moves

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The PDC Syllabus steering group have been working hard behind the scenes to turn the pole dancing syllabus into something even more brilliant.

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Many group members felt that the pole dancing world was getting carried away with variations of moves and combinations and this meant that many polers were missing out on important core moves.

It was decided that we should go back to basics and recreate the syllabus with more essential options for beginners as this is a section of pole which is often overlooked.

It is so important that polers learn progressively and safely, we hear too many scare stories about students being taught twisted grip moves when they have never learned a basic spin.

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The Pole Dance Community Syllabus Steering Group 2015.

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The PDC Syllabus has been constantly evolving since the conception of the Pole Dance Community in May 2009. PDC members had no set syllabus to work from and this made things difficult so we set about creating a syllabus which we use to help us classify pole dancing moves so we could understand not only the levels of difficulty but also the various names used to describe different moves.

The Syllabus currently has 6 levels of difficulty and dancers can undertake pole dance gradings to certify their skill at each level. So how does the syllabus work and who decides on the names and levels of difficulty.

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PDC Approved 3 star Pole Dancing Instructor Julie Santos.

Julie Santos Pole Fitness TeacherJulie Santos started poling in 2011 before becoming a pole dancing instructor in January 2013. We spoke to Julie to find out more about her and her passion for pole. Julie now runs her own pole studio, Pole Tricks in Oxford.


Favourite moves: I love strength and dynamic moves like the phoenix lift, iron X, drops and flips, but I also love bendy moves that make beautiful shapes! So basically I love all pole moves haha <3

Favourite move to teach: When students are ready to start learning to invert, that’s when pole becomes even more addictive!!

Favorite Pole:

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PDC Approved 4 Star Pole Dancing Instuctor Italia Cordaro.

Italia Cordaro Pole Dance Teacher
Italia Cordaro is the principal instructor at Chicago Pole Dance. Italia received her two supporting references from Nicole Kohl and Patti Zikmund.

Nicole Kohl - "As a member of PDC and as a former regular and occasional drop in student of Italia’s I support her in her effort to obtain 4 star Instructor status.  Italia is an amazing instructor and helped me achieve my goal of being a pole dancer as well as encouraging me to become an instructor.  She is a

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Pole Dance Community and United Pole Artists present World Pole Dance Day 2014


World Pole Dance Day

It's the second annual World Pole Dance Day! This day has been officially declared by United Pole Artists (UPA) and Pole Dance Community (PDC). But what is World Pole Dance Day? It's a celebration of what we do, who we are and why we dedicate our lives to pole. Whether you

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Pole Dancing Inspires Cerebral Palsy Left Hemiplagia Sufferer to Medal in Competition!

Dayna Wetherall Inspiring Pole DancerInspiring pole dancers series - written by PDC features writer Sophie Eminson.

Dayna Wetherall's pole dancing story is just like the rest of ours. She had the desire to try pole dancing at the age of 15 when she witnessed the strength and flexibility of pole dancers at a car show, however it was not until she was in her early twenties that she actually stepped into a pole class for the first time. There is only one difference in Dayna's story: she had Cerebral Palsy Left Hemiplagia.


"Once on the pole and off the ground she is free, free to move, let go off all tension that her body holds. She takes risks, grows strong and gains more mobility and strength."

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PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor Helen Eastwood.


Helen Eastwood Pole Dance teacherMy name is Helen Eastwood.  From an early age my passion to be a dancer was very strong. I started dance classes at 11 years old and had to work very hard to achieve my Grades,   I wasn’t a natural mover nor was I flexible like my fellow class friends.

Eventually the hard work and dedication paid off. By the time I was 18 years old my journey as a professional dancer started.  I performed in many shows in the UK and Spain before coming to Tenerife in 1989.


After finishing several contracts, I decided to take the next step and produce my own Dance Shows making the costumes, choreography, managing the expanding group of dancers, performing and being a mother of 2 small children was all part of my daily life.


I was living my dream.


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